A collaborative approach

The Center has a dynamic team of researchers and staff with extensive expertise in a broad range of disciplines. Our work is interdisciplinary and often conducted in collaboration with faculty and graduate students in departments across the UNC system and with colleagues at other public and private research agencies across the nation.

We work across many fields of study and research, including:

  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Epidemiology
  • Information and Library Science
  • Planning
  • Psychology
  • Public Health
  • Public Information
  • Sociology
  • Statistics

Join the team

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Contact list

Our researchers and staff are the foundation of HSRC. It is through their creativity, passion, energy and expertise that the Center been able to achieve success.

Name Title Email  
Courtney Blake Business Services Coordinator cblake@hsrc.unc.edu  
Kristin Blank Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, Communications Manager blank@hsrc.unc.edu  
Meghna Chakraborty Postdoctoral Research Associate chakraborty@hsrc.unc.edu  
Rob Foss Senior Research Scientist foss@hsrc.unc.edu  
Dan Gelinne Senior Research Associate gelinne@hsrc.unc.edu  
Chris Gomola Embedded Research Librarian gomola@hsrc.unc.edu  
Katie Harmon Research Associate harmon@hsrc.unc.edu  
Stephen Heiny Research Associate heiny@hsrc.unc.edu  
Bevan Kirley Senior Research Associate kirley@hsrc.unc.edu  
Wes Kumfer Engineering Research Associate kumfer@hsrc.unc.edu  
Seth LaJeunesse Senior Research Associate and Assistant Director, National Center for Safe Routes to School lajeunesse@hsrc.unc.edu  
Bo Lan Senior Research Associate lan@hsrc.unc.edu  
Nancy Lefler Senior Research Associate and Program Manager lefler@hsrc.unc.edu  
Daniel Levitt Application Analyst levitt@hsrc.unc.edu  
Richard Lytle Web Applications Programmer lytle@hsrc.unc.edu  
Kelly March Communications Specialist march@hsrc.unc.edu  
Lauren Marchetti Senior Strategic Adviser marchetti@hsrc.unc.edu  
Dani Moore Research Technician moore@hsrc.unc.edu  
Caroline Mozingo Senior Manager of Communications, Education and Outreach mozingo@hsrc.unc.edu  
Krista Nordback Senior Research Associate nordback@hsrc.unc.edu  
Natalie O’Brien Senior Research Associate obrien@hsrc.unc.edu  
Sarah O’Brien Senior Research Associate swobrien@hsrc.unc.edu  
Jennifer Palcher-Silliman Communications Manager silliman@hsrc.unc.edu  
Elizabeth Pinyan Junior Research Associate pinyan@hsrc.unc.edu  
Nancy Pullen-Seufert Senior Research Associate and Director, National Center for Safe Routes to School pullen@hsrc.unc.edu  
Kristel Robison Senior Research Associate robison@hsrc.unc.edu  
Graham Russell Graphic Designer russell@hsrc.unc.edu  
Taha Saleem Research Associate saleem@hsrc.unc.edu  
Laura Sandt Senior Research Associate; Director, CSCRS; and Director, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center sandt@hsrc.unc.edu  
Raghavan (Srini) Srinivasan Senior Transportation Research Engineer srini@hsrc.unc.edu  
Nitesh Shah Postdoctoral Research Engineer shah@hsrc.unc.edu  
Mike Vann Junior Geospatial Data Analyst vann@hsrc.unc.edu  
Jonathon Weisenfeld Design Services Manager weisenfeld@hsrc.unc.edu  
Alyson West Research Associate west@hsrc.unc.edu  

Current/recent student researchers

Rachel Auerbach
Kathryn Cunningham
Andrew Degele
Savannah Dumas
Sarah Kear
Carolyn Klamm
Luke Neuroth
Amy Patronella
Kristin Podsiad
Serena Singh
Nandi Linette Taylor
Raana Zakeri