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HSRC has prepared articles, reports, and conference papers that reflect the focus of the Center’s research which concentrates on human factors, civil engineering, and design of facilities for pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicles. We maintain an extensive list of these publications which are freely available for research or for purchase through the copyright holder.

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Recent HSRC Publications

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Safety evaluation of changing speed limit from 55 mph to 60 mph on two-lane, two-way road segments
Author(s): Saleem, Taha; Srinivasan, Raghavan
Type: article
Publication Date: Aug-2022
Database selection matters: A case study in child restraint use and injury patterns using North Carolina motor vehicle traffic crash report and trauma registry data.
Author(s): Fix, Jonathan; Redding, Erika M; Fliss, Mike Dolan; Harmon, Katherine J; Schiro, Sharon E; Waller, Anna E
Type: article
Publication Date: Jun-2022
Estimating motorcycle miles travelled from state vehicle inspection records
Author(s): Kirley, Bevan B.; Wang, Yudan; Foss, Robert D.; Harrell, Stephanie; Goodwin, Arthur H.
Type: Paper
Publication Date: May-2022
158 Racial/ethnicity differences in crash and hospital outcomes using linked North Carolina motor vehicle crash and trauma registry data
Author(s): Taylor, Nandi; Harmon, Katherine J.
Type: conferencePapers
Publication Date: Mar-2022
Enhancing pedestrian volume estimation and developing HCM pedestrian methodologies for safe and sustainable communities
Author(s): Ryus, Paul; Musunuru, Anusha; Laustsen, Kelly; Bonneson, James; Kothuri, Sirisha; Monsere, Christopher; McNeil, Nathan; Nordback, Krista; LaJeunesse, Seth; Kumfer, Wesley; Thomas, Libby J.; Guler, S. Ilgin
Type: book
Publication Date: 2022
Guide to pedestrian analysis
Author(s): Ryus, Paul; Musunuru, Anusha; Bonneson, James; Kothuri, Sirisha; Monsere, Christopher; McNeil, Nathan; LaJeunesse, Seth; Nordback, Krista; Kumfer, Wesley; Currin, Sophie
Type: book
Publication Date: 2022
Understanding micromobility safety behavior and standardizing safety metrics for transportation system integration
Author(s): Cherry, Christopher R.; Harmon, Katherine J.; Sandt, Laura S.; Martin, Elliot; Shah, Nitesh; Wen, Yi
Type: Paper
Publication Date: Dec-2021
Safety evaluation of pedestrian countdown signals: Definitive results from two cities in the United States
Author(s): Srinivasan, Raghavan; Lan, Bo; Carter, Daniel L.; Smith, Sarah; Persaud, Bhagwant; Signor, Kari; Saleem, Taha
Type: article
Publication Date: Dec-2021
AI tool with active learning for detection of rural roadside safety features
Author(s): Yi, Hong; Bizon, Chris; Borland, David; Watson, Matthew; Satusky, Matthew; Rittmuller, Robert; Radwan, Randa; Srinivasan, Raghavan; Krishnamurthy, Ashok
Type: conferencePapers
Publication Date: Dec-2021
Restraint use and severe injury patterns among pediatric passengers in motor vehicle crashes: Exploring the utility of linked health data and implications of database selection.
Author(s): Fix, Jonathan; Redding, Erika M; Fliss, Mike Dolan; Harmon, Katherine J; Schiro, Sharon E; Peticolas, Kathy; Waller, Anna E
Type: article
Publication Date: Nov-2021

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