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HSRC has prepared articles, reports, and conference papers that reflect the focus of the Center’s research which concentrates on human factors, civil engineering, and design of facilities for pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicles. We maintain an extensive list of these publications which are freely available for research or for purchase through the copyright holder.

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Recent HSRC Publications

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Assessment of separated bike lane applications in North Carolina
Author(s): O'Brien, Sarah Worth; Gelinne, Dan; Vaughn, Chris; Poslusny, James; Saleem, Taha; Draper, Jared; Hunter, William
Type: Paper
Publication Date: 4/30/2023
Mixed-methods approach to describing Vision Zero initiatives in United States' municipalities.
Author(s): Evenson, Kelly R; LaJeunesse, Seth; Keefe, Elyse; Naumann, Rebecca B
Type: article
Publication Date: Feb-2023
Structural racism and pedestrian safety: Measuring the association between historical redlining and contemporary pedestrian fatalities across the United States, 2010‒2019.
Author(s): Taylor, Nandi L.; Porter, Jamila M.; Bryan, Shenee; Harmon, Katherine J.; Sandt, Laura S.
Type: article
Publication Date: Apr-2023
Creating a community-level document library: Application using Vision Zero Plans
Author(s): Evenson, Kelly R.; Keefe, Elyse; LaJeunesse, Seth; Naumann, Rebecca B.
Type: article
Publication Date: Jan-2023
Mixed method assessment of built environment and policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic by United States municipalities focusing on walking and bicycling actions.
Author(s): Evenson, Kelly R.; Naumann, Rebecca B.; Taylor, Nandi L.; LaJeunesse, Seth; Combs, Tabitha S.
Type: article
Publication Date: Jan-2023
Impact of COVID-19 on injury-related emergency department visits in North Carolina, USA
Author(s): Waller, Anna; Harmon, Katherine; Proescholdbell, Scott; Marshall, Stephen
Type: conferencePapers
Publication Date: Nov-2022
Shaping the narrative around traffic injury: A media framing guide for transportation and public health professionals
Author(s): Keefe, Elyse; LaJeunesse, Seth; Heiny, Stephen
Type: Paper
Publication Date: Oct-2022
High-tension cable median barrier safety effectiveness evaluation
Author(s): Storm, Richard; Srinivasan, Raghavan; Lan, Bo; Klump, Sam; Herring, Rebecca; Wemple, Beth; Saleem, Taha; Schroeder, Whitney
Type: Paper
Publication Date: Oct-2022
The role of inexperience in motorcycle crashes among novice and returning motorcycle riders.
Author(s): Goodwin, Arthur H; Wang, Yudan Chen; Foss, Robert D; Kirley, Bevan
Type: article
Publication Date: Sept-2022
Unlicensed driving among young drivers in North Carolina: A quasi-induced exposure analysis.
Author(s): Wang, Yudan Chen; Foss, Robert D.; Goodwin, Arthur H.
Type: article
Publication Date: Aug-2022

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