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Emergency skills resources for range-related driver education.

Type: Paper

Author(s): Council, Forrest M.; Sadof, Michael G.; Roper, Rita B.; Desper, Linda P.

Pages: 40

Publisher: UNC Highway Safety Research Center


Publication Date: Sept-1975

Address: Chapel Hill, NC

Abstract: The document presents a rationale for expanding the current emergency skills, curriculum in North Carolina's 18 multi-vehitce range laboratories for, and includes a review of past and current programs in other locations, a review of past North Carolina accident studies directly related to this area, and a recommended set of resources. A variety of driver education research studies with relevant accident data are examined in a review of literature. The skills needed to react properly in an emergency situation are discussed in terms of various programs and their results, and the feasibility for implementing these skills into.existing programs is examined. Recommendations for emergency driving skills resources include the implementation of a small scale pilot program that could be accurately evaluated, and the teaching of the following maneuvers in existing driving ranges: (1) serpentine maneuver, (2) evasive maneuver, (3) controlled braking, (4) off-road recovery, (5) skid control, and (6) mechanical emergencies. Information regarding space requirements, materials needed, diagrams, and cost, where determined, are included. Appended material includes a General Motors accident research bibliography of 18 titles, and a summary of maneuvers in.other programs. (LH)