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Guidelines for the use of visualization

Type: Paper

Author(s): Hughes, Ronald G.

Publisher: UNC Highway Safety Research Center


Publication Date: Dec-1998

Address: Chapel Hill, NC

Abstract: This document is the product of a research project into visualization in the design and public review of transportation facilities. The project's goal was to provide North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) engineers and managers with a basic primer on this relatively new technology in transportation. The project examined current NCDOT visualization applications and capability, desired or potential applications, advantages, disadvantages, and the appropriate visualization levels in a variety of situations. The objective of these guidelines is to provide transportation project engineers with basic, introductory information on visualization including terminology, available capabilities within NCDOT, advantages and disadvantages, types and examples of visualization, and effectiveness. These guidelines are not meant to provide an in-depth tutorial, but to familiarize the reader with the basic terms, concepts, and applications of visualization as related to the design and public review of transportation facilities.