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An evaluation of the LightGuard™ Pedestrian Crosswalk Warning System

Type: Paper

Author(s): Huang, Herman F.; Hughes, Ronald G.; Zegeer, Charles V.; Nitzburg, Marsha

Publisher: Florida Department of Transportation, Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Section


Publication Date: Jun-1999

Address: Tallahassee, FL

Abstract: This report describes an evaluation of a prototype installation of the LightGuard (Trademark) Pedestrian Crosswalk Warning System in Orlando, Florida. The evaluation was conducted during 1997 and 1998. Both before-and-after and treatment-and-control data were collected. The before-and-after data focused on vehicle speeds and vehicle yielding. The treatment-and-control data pertained to: (1) pedestrian crossing locations relative to the flashing crosswalk, with and without police officers; (2) pedestrian-motor vehicle conflicts; (3) pedestrian activation of the flashing crosswalk; and (4) pedestrian interviews. The flashing crosswalk had small positive effects on reducing vehicle speeds, increasing vehicle yielding to pedestrians, and reducing pedestrian-motor vehicle conflicts. It was not very effective in channelizing pedestrians.