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Comparative study of communities with high rates of pedestrian injuries

Type: Paper

Subtype: Final report

Author(s): Okyere, Dennis; Murdoch, James; Gelinne, Dan; Davis, Madison; Harmon, Katherine J.; Kumfer, Wes; Ma, Cheng

Publisher: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Publication Date: Jul-2023

Number: DOT HS 813 463

Address: Washington, DC

Abstract: A primary challenge facing many communities across the United States is understanding, developing, and deploying effective strategies for preventing and minimizing the incidence of pedestrian deaths and injuries. This guidebook documents strategies that communities actively implement to achieve successful pedestrian safety outcomes. A company called 2M Research and the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center identified 12 communities with successful track records of declining pedestrian fatalities. They studied these communities against those with similar populations, density, incomes, geographic regions, and other factors. Their analysis resulted in a discrete set of strategies and best practices that may help to explain the communities’ successes. The researchers describe their study, the results, specific strategy, countermeasures, and solutions in this guidebook for communities seeking solutions most appropriate to address their pedestrian safety problem.