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Public phone survey measures, methods, and results

Type: Paper

Subtype: Final Report

Author(s): Hancock, Kari; Heiny, Stephen; Saleem, Taha; LaJeunesse, Seth; Blank, Kristin; Agans, Robert; O'Brien, Sarah Worth

Collection title: Watch for Me NC

Publisher: North Carolina Department of Transportation


Publication Date: Sept-2020

Number: RP 2020-53

Address: Raleigh, NC

Abstract: The overarching goals of the phone survey were to measure impacts of the Watch for Me NC program that are difficult to observe or report, and to compare with a baseline survey conducted in 2015 to discern any trends. The survey, administered to a stratified random sample of 635 adults in 30 of North Carolina’s counties measured the following constructs: • Perceptions of the safety of roadways;• Perceptions of road users' behavior;• Beliefs related to actions that should be taken to make walking and bicycling safer; and• Recognition of the Watch for Me NC program. HSRC researchers designed the survey questions to assess how these constructs informed respondents’ traffic safety-related behavior. Questionnaire items from the 2015 deployment helped acquire a sense of “baseline” social norms related to pedestrian and bicycle safety issues in North Carolina, and with the repeat of the survey in 2020, these results can be compared to obtain a measure of change in behavior. Assessing changes over time helps discern differences between communities active and inactive in Watch for Me NC programming; inform changes made to the program and its messaging; and identify potential “spillover” effects that might occur as program messaging diffuses throughout the state. Such an evaluation can help practitioners and researchers in North Carolina and around the country develop an understanding of how comprehensive education and enforcement campaigns can impact road user safety.