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Highway Safety Information System: Guidebook for data files: Minnesota

Type: Paper

Author(s): Nujjetty, Anusha Patel; Sharma, Soumya; Council, Forrest M.

Publisher: Federal Highway Administration


Publication Date: Jun-2015

Edition: 4th

Number: FHWA RD 01 058

Address: Washington, DC

Abstract: The Minnesota data system includes the following basic files: Accident data (Accident File, Vehicle File, Occupant File); Roadlog File; Reference Post File; Traffic File; Intersection File; Bridge (Structures) File; and RR Grade Crossing File. For ease of use, the three accident subfiles, the Roadlog File, and the Intersection File have been converted to SAS files. This report, Volume I: SAS File Formats, contains the following: Introduction; Details of Major Files; Minnesota Contacts; Composite List of Variables; Accident Files (Accident Subfile, Vehicle Subfile, Occupant Subfile); Roadlog File; and Intersection/Interchange File. The Single Variable Tabulations are found in Volume II of this report.