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Crash modification factors in the Highway Safety Manual: Resources for evaluation

Type: book

Author(s): Srinivasan, Raghavan; Saleem, Taha; Gross, Frank; Le, Thanh; Himes, Scott; Porter, Richard J.; Bonneson, James A.; Persaud, Bhagwant; Lyon, Craig

Publisher: Transportation Research Board


Publication Date: 2023

Isbn: 978-0-309-70254-6

Doi: 10.17226/27016

Address: Washington, D.C.

Abstract: This document contains the appendices for NCHRP Research Report 1029: Crash Modification Factors in the Highway Safety Manual: A Review. This report presents a state-of-art guide on the proper selection and application of crash modification factors (CMFs). It assesses the current criteria and existing process for evaluating and identifying the quality of CMFs for appropriate use with the HSM and presents proposed revisions to the criteria and process, including how existing and new CMFs may be incorporated in the HSM. The evaluation criteria are applied to identify and assess CMFs.