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Exploring the impact of select speed-reducing countermeasures on pedestrian and bicyclist safety

Type: Paper

Subtype: Final report

Author(s): Heiny, Stephen; Lan, Bo; Vann, Mike; Sleeman, Ethan; Proulx, Frank; Hintze, Michael; Thomas, Libby J.; Carter, Daniel L.

Publisher: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Publication Date: Jun-2023

Number: DOT HS 813 446

Address: Washington, DC

Abstract: This project explored efforts to reduce speed and evaluated them based on their effectiveness in improving safetyfor pedestrians and bicyclists. This project included two phases. Phase 1 was a program scan that identifiedcountermeasures in use throughout the United States. Based on findings from the program scan, the project teamevaluated speed safety camera enforcement and road conversions in five municipalities to explore their impact onmotor vehicle-related pedestrian and bicyclist crashes. Speed safety camera enforcement evaluations showedsome potential for reductions in pedestrian and bicyclist crashes with results limited to one type of deployment inone location. Evaluations of road conversions showed potential reductions in pedestrian and bicyclist injurycrashes and mixed results for total injury-related crashes. Phase 2 of the project evaluated safety benefits of a select group of temporary road conversions implemented inresponse to the COVID-19 pandemic. A scan for localities identified locations with temporary installations tocreate space for pedestrians and bicyclists. This phase included an evaluation that found some crash reductionbenefit in the short term and identified quick-build installations and promising measures to test conversiondesigns before permanent installations.