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Low-cost pedestrian safety zones: Countermeasure selection resource

Type: Paper

Author(s): Dunlap and Associates, Inc., ; UNC Highway Safety Research Center, ; Center for Education and Research in Safety,

Publisher: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Publication Date: Jul-2023

Number: DOT HS 813 479

Address: Washington, DC

Abstract: This report presents details about different low-cost countermeasure combinations that can be deployed within anidentified area, or “zone,” in support of the pedestrian zone approach. Countermeasure selection should be based onthe crash and risk profiles identified through data analysis. The following assumptions guided the countermeasuresincluded evidence, cost and planning and built times. The table at the end of this report demonstrates how engineer-ing and behavioral countermeasures can be used in combination to create a comprehensive package of interventionswithin a particular zone.