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Safe system approach for speed management

Type: Paper

Author(s): Kumfer, Wes; Martin, Lewis; Turner, Shane; Broshears, Luana

Publisher: Fedral Highway Administration


Publication Date: May-2023

Number: FHWA SA 23 002

Address: Washington, DC

Abstract: This report will help practitioners understand the impacts of speed on traffic safety and explore the link between speedmanagement and the Safe System Approach by introducing a five-stage Safe System Approach for Speed Managementframework. The five stages are establishing a vision and building consensus for speed management; collecting andanalyzing speed and safety data; prioritizing locations for speed management proactively; selecting speed managementcountermeasures; and conducting ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and adjustment. Case studies and examples are interspersed throughout the report and in the appendix, demonstrating how agencies havebeen able to overcome institutional barriers and rally behind Safe System Approach principles to enact speed managementprograms with proven, measurable reductions in operating speeds and crashes.