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A road map to child passenger safety

Type: chapter

Chapter: Do loan-a-seat programs need liability insurance?

Author(s): Lawless, Elaine Weinstein; Council, Forrest M.; Lawless, Joseph F.

Editors: Ludwick, Judith; Mack, Linda; Ford, Robert; Vasquez, Susan

Pages: 100-111

Publisher: US Department of Transportation


Publication Date: 1985

Address: Washington, DC

Abstract: Resources: Child safety seats are specially designed automobile restraint systems for children under five years of age. They are designed to spread the forces of a crash evenly over a young child's delicate body. Research has shown that child safety seats can be between 50-60% effective in reducing deaths and injuries sustained by young children in automobile accidents, yet usage rates remain disappointingly low. A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 38% of infants less than one year old and 14% of children one to four years old were properly protected by child safety seats.  Awareness of the existence of child safety seats by the general public has increased substantially since 1979. Efforts are now underway across the country to educate parents about the need to use child safety seats. The seats are also becoming more accessible. They are more visible in retail stores, there are more models available and there are more Loan-A-Seat (rental) programs in operation.