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Enhancing pedestrian volume estimation and developing HCM pedestrian methodologies for safe and sustainable communities

Type: book

Author(s): Ryus, Paul; Musunuru, Anusha; Laustsen, Kelly; Bonneson, James; Kothuri, Sirisha; Monsere, Christopher; McNeil, Nathan; Nordback, Krista; LaJeunesse, Seth; Kumfer, Wesley; Thomas, Libby J.; Guler, S. Ilgin

Publisher: Transportation Research Board


Publication Date: 2022

Isbn: 978-0-309-29534-5

Doi: 10.17226/26508

Address: Washington, DC

Abstract: Despite widespread use of walking as a transportation mode, walking has received far less attention than the motor vehicle mode in terms of national guidance and methods to support planning, designing, and operating safe, functional, and comfortable facilities. National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Project 17-87’s objective was to develop guidance for urban, suburban, and rural jurisdictions to: (1) identify techniques to efficiently and accurately estimate pedestrian volume and exposure; (2) determine field-observed factors affecting pedestrian flow on pedestrian facilities; (3) determine how pedestrian safety improvements on the roadway and in signal timing designs should be reflected in the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) pedestrian level of service (LOS); and (4) recommend corresponding enhancements to the current HCM methodology.