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Guide to pedestrian analysis

Type: book

Author(s): Ryus, Paul; Musunuru, Anusha; Bonneson, James; Kothuri, Sirisha; Monsere, Christopher; McNeil, Nathan; LaJeunesse, Seth; Nordback, Krista; Kumfer, Wesley; Currin, Sophie

Publisher: Transportation Research Board


Publication Date: 2022

Isbn: 978-0-309-09460-3

Doi: 10.17226/26518

Address: Washington, DC

Abstract: This report presents a state-of-the-art guide to conducting pedestrian traffic analysis on the basis of volume, safety, operations, and quality of service. In addition to the guide, the research provides new evaluation methods for use with the Highway Capacity Manual. The material in this report will be of immediate interest to new and experienced practitioners in their efforts to design facilities to accommodate pedestrians and create more walkable streets that lead to greater pedestrian safety and satisfaction.