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Highway Safety Improvement Program: 2017 national summary report

Type: Paper

Subtype: Summary report

Author(s): Signor, Kari; Carter, Daniel L.

Pages: 43

Publisher: Federal Highway Administration


Publication Date: 2018

Number: FHWA-SA-18-031

Address: Washington, DC

Abstract: The HSIP 2017 National Summary Report compiles and summarizes aggregate information related to the States’ progress in implementing HSIP projects. Progress in implementing HSIP projects is described based on the amount of HSIP funds available and the number and general listing of projects obligated during the 2017 reporting cycle. The HSIP 2017 National Summary Report is not intended to compare states; rather to illustrate how the states are collectively implementing the HSIP to reduce fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads across the nation. The HSIP 2017 National Summary Report also presents a national benefit cost ratio for the HSIP.