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Navigating school zones: 5 challenges for deploying automated vehicles near schools

Type: conferencePapers

Author(s): Clamann, Michael; Pullen-Seufert, Nancy

Publisher: Transportation Research Board

Publication Date: Jan-2021

Address: Washington, DC

Abstract: PREPRINT attached The variability of conditions among school zones combined with a high density of traffic during peak times operating near pedestrians and bicyclists whose safety is paramount represents a complex operational design domain for automated driving systems (ADS). These characteristics represent safety challenges that could be addressed through technology, design, and/or regulatory approaches before ADS are deployed. However, these issues have not been comprehensively addressed to date, and to reach the full safety potential of ADS, their design will need to account for the complexity and uncertainty in and around school zones. The goal of this work was to address this gap and characterize the safety challenges to pedestrians that will need to be addressed before ADS can be deployed near schools. Building on an existing research framework, and interviews with school transportation experts, attributes of school transportation infrastructure were cross referenced against safety issues faced by pedestrians and automated vehicles to identify current challenges related to transportation within school zones. The themes that emerged from the results of the analysis consolidated around five challenge areas for schools and automated driving systems including levels of automation, operational design domain of schools, young students, school transportation stakeholders, and test strategies. Addressing these challenges areas now would lay a foundation to prepare for future ADS deployments and addressing some current challenges to pedestrian safety.

Conference name: Transportation Research Board 100th Annual Meeting