North Carolina Department of Transportation
Research & Innovation Summit – 2020

Evaluation of Motorist Driving Behavior at Highway-Railroad Grade Crossings

Authors: Stephen Odom, B.S., Daniel Coble, E.I., Claire Keller, Tim Wipperman, Claire Hill, Daniel Findley, Ph.D.
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Train-vehicle collisions continue to be problematic at the intersection of SR 3014 and NC Highway 54 in Morrisville, NC. Since August 2014, these collisions have resulted in four fatalities many of which are the result of vehicles reported on the tracks. ITRE has been investigating motorist behavior at other railroad crossings across the state. This project utilizes new technology making use of artificial intelligence to identify movement in specific zones within the camera’s field of vision. A baseline established existing driving conditions and associated motorist behavior followed by the installation of DO NOT BLOCK THE BOX (DNBTB) pavement markings.



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