North Carolina Department of Transportation
Research & Innovation Summit – 2021

Demand-side Cooperative Ridesharing Modeling, Simulation, and Algorithm Development

Authors: Yuqiu (Rachael) Yuan, Lei Zhu, Zhouqiao Zhao, Guoyuan Wu
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
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  • Shared mobility and automated vehicles are re-shaping the landscape of current urban mobility systems and providing alternative mobility options. As one of the most critical components of ride sharing, the vehicle routing problem(VRP) has raised research attention.
  • This study formulates the single-vehicle demand-side cooperative ridesharing (flexible pickup and delivery) VRP problem as a binary integer programming (BIP) model. It is solved by proposed innovative greedy heuristic algorithms: Greedy-Heuristic Label Setting(GHLS) algorithm and Adjusted Branch and Bound with Greedy Heuristic(ABBG) Method.
  • The performance of the proposed methods are evaluated by comparison with naive greedy method, ACO and the exact programming method solved by Gurobi.


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