North Carolina Department of Transportation
Research & Innovation Summit – 2021

Mini Roundabout CMF Development

Authors: Raunak Mishra, M.Tech., Sonu Mathew, Ph.D., & Srinivas S. Pulugurtha, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
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  • Mini roundabouts are common in the United Kingdom and many European countries
  • Featured designs for slowing traffic, improving intersection safety, and reducing delay at minor approaches
  • Characteristics
    • Inscribed circle diameter 45 to 90 feet
    • Central island is traversable
    • Cost of a mini roundabout is about 1/3rd of a full sized roundabout and has fewer right of way impacts
  • FHWA recommends mini roundabouts at speed limit 35 mph or lower
  • Lack of documented evidence pertaining to safety benefits associated with mini roundabout construction at approaches with speed limit 35 mph or higher


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