Web Sites

The UNC Highway Safety Research Center has a vast amount of information available for use by researchers and the general public alike through a wide variety of Web sites. HSRC has developed and/or maintains the following sites that include national-level information clearinghouses, highway safety data and tools, and national and international events.

National and State Information Centers

Tools and Data

  • NC Crash Data Query web site

    A data analysis tool to create tables reflecting crash, vehicle and person information for crashes in North Carolina


    Allows users to effectively select and review possible engineering, education, or enforcement treatments to improve pedestrian or bicyclist safety

  • Bike Cost

    Provides transportation decision makers with guidelines to evaluate the projected costs and benefits of bicycle-facility investments

  • North Carolina Bicycle & Pedestrian Crashes

    An online query tool that allows users to view police-reported bicycle and pedestrian crash data from North Carolina.

  • North Carolina Alcohol Facts

    Provides statewide and county-specific data for North Carolina regarding DWI arrests and convictions as well as alcohol involvement in crashes

  • 2outof3

    Web site for the multi-year UNC Social Norm program that reduced both student drinking and driving after drinking


  • U.S. Walk to School

    Information about Walk to School events in the USA, how to get involved and resources to help plan a walk in your community

  • International Walk to School

    Information about International Walk to School Month, recognized in October across the globe