Kari Signor

Kari Signor

Research Assistant




Kari Signor joined HSRC in 2015 and currently supports a variety of engineering-related research efforts as a Research Assistant. She conducts syntheses for several FHWA projects and uses ArcGIS, Google Earth and other web-based platforms to collect a variety of highway safety data.  Some of the projects she is involved with include the CMF Clearinghouse, HSIP Annual Reports, the SHRP2 Naturalistic Driving Study and many roadway infrastructure safety improvement projects.

Kari earned her B.S. (Virginia Tech) and M.S. degrees (Utah State University) in Wildlife Biology. Just prior to joining HSRC, Kari served as a Student Program Leader for Round River Conservation Studies’ first program in Patagonia, Chile and assisted the New England Aquarium with right whale surveys in the North Atlantic.  She has worked across the U.S. and abroad on numerous field conservation research projects and science education programs.