Center for the Study of Young Drivers

The UNC Highway Safety Research Center has established the Center for the Study of Young Drivers (CSYD) to study and improve the safety of young drivers. The new center will focus on developing a fundamental understanding of the multitude of factors that contribute to the high crash rate among young drivers. This fundamental understanding is critical for the development of effective strategies to reduce the high crash rate among teens. The CSYD plans to begin training new researchers who can help to expand the study of young driver issues. In addition, Center scientists will also work with policy-makers and the general public to ensure a better understanding of the complexities that lead to young driver crashes and how those influence the kinds of programs that can help reduce the number of crashes.

While the new center is housed within the Highway Safety Research Center, the CSYD will combine expertise from several academic disciplines on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus and throughout the UNC system. A comprehensive understanding of the reasons that young drivers crash more often than others will require drawing on knowledge of biology, psychology, sociology, epidemiology and public health. Implementing successful programs will depend on expertise in the fields of political science and policy studies, organizational behavior and law. The study of young drivers has been a program area within the UNC Highway Safety Research Center since 1993. Long at the forefront of research on this important phenomenon, HSRC has been instrumental in shaping policies and programs that have substantially reduced the young driver crash rate in North Carolina and throughout the U.S.