Traffic Operations and Roadway Design

Crash Reduction Factors

Transportation planners and engineers across the country utilize Accident Modification Factors (AMFs) to estimate how potential engineering improvements could affect reductions in crashes. HSRC researchers are currently examining these AMFs and their effectiveness.

Project Web Sites

Highway Safety Information System
Multi-state database that contains crash, roadway inventory and traffic volume data for a select group of states and urban centers.
Allows users to effectively select and review possible engineering, education or enforcement treatments to improve pedestrian safety
Allows users to effectively select and review possible engineering, education, or enforcement treatments to improve bicyclist safety
North Carolina Crash Data Query
A data analysis tool to create tables reflecting crash, vehicle and person information for crashes in North Carolina
Accessible Pedestrian Signals
Provides background information on how pedestrians who are blind or visually impaired cross streets, and how Accessible Pedestrian Signals assist this process
Accessible Pedestrian Signals
An APS is a device that communicates information about pedestrian timing through audible tones, verbal messages and/or vibrating surfaces.
Red-light Cameras
Crashes associated with red-light running result in more than 900 fatalities and over 200,000 injuries in the U.S. each year. Red-light cameras reduce both red-light violations and right-angle or “T-bone” crashes due to red-light running.
Road Diets
The conversion of a 4-lane, undivided roadway to a three-lane roadway with bike lanes, sidewalks or street parking potentially reduces speed on the roadway and increases safety for pedestrians crossing the roadway.
As the development of “modern” roundabouts increases, there are additional issues to explore including the safety and access of pedestrians and bicyclists.  
Speed Management
One out of three fatal crashes are related to speed. Understanding the difference in changing speed limits and managing vehicle speeds is critical to addressing this issue.
Traffic Data
Accurate crash data is an essential backbone to making efficient and relevant programmatic decisions within highway safety.  
Traffic Calming
Read a summary of research on traffic calming compiled by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center.