Pedestrian Safety and Access

Pedestrian Safety Tips

You can encounter pedestrians anytime and anywhere. Here are some safety tips for both pedestrians and drivers to help prevent crashes.

Project Web Sites
Provides a comprehensive resource on walking, including information on recent pedestrian research, safety tips and types of pedestrian crashes
Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System (PEDSAFE)
Allows users to effectively select and review possible engineering, education, or enforcement treatments to improve pedestrian safety
Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Analysis Tool (PBCAT)
Crash typing software intended to assist transportation planners and engineers in addressing pedestrian and bicyclist crash problems
Safe Routes to School
Includes steps on starting a Safe Routes program, frequently asked questions, helpful links and a list of sample programs currently in place across the country
Walk to School Activities
Information about Walk to School events in the USA, how to get involved and resources to help plan a walk in your community
North Carolina Pedestrian Crash Statistics
Information on the number of pedestrian fatalities and injuries in North Carolina.
University-based Pedestrian Safety Program
An ongoing pedestrian safety awareness campaign implemented by the UNC Department of Public Safety and HSRC, Yield to Heels aims to remove myths about traffic and pedestrians and make helpful information about pedestrian safety available to the University community.
Exemplary Pedestrian Plans
A collection of exemplary pedestrian plans compiled to provide easy access to good examples of pedestrian planning.
Walkability Checklist
How walkable is your community? The Walkability Checklist can help you find the answer. Inside you'll find insightful questions, allowing you to evaluate your neighborhood's walkability.