Safety Information

  • Alcohol Studies

    Information on drinking and driving on NC roads as well as social norm program that reduced both student drinking and driving after drinking

  • Animal-Vehicle Crash Information

    Safety tips on avoiding a crash with an animal as well as the latest information on deer-vehicle crashes

  • Bicycle Safety and Access

    Read why not wearing a helmet is not an option, safety tips for bicyclists of all ages and additional bicycle safety resources

  • Child Passenger Safety

    Read about the basics of child restraint and North Carolina's CPS law as well as sign up to received child restraint recalls

  • Distracted and Drowsy Drivers

    Information on the prevalence and associated dangers of driving while distracted and drowsy

  • Motorcyclists

    Results from the 2004 Motorcycling in North Carolina survey

  • Occupant Protection

    Read why safety belts are critical during a crash and learn more about North Carolina's occupant restraint laws

  • Older Drivers

    View research regarding the potential use of on-road driving evaluations to assist older drivers in extending their safe driving behavior

  • Pedestrian Safety and Access

    Includes safety tips for pedestrians and drivers, pedestrian crash statistics and additional pedestrian safety resources

  • School Travel

    Read the results of a 10-year study on school travel and information on the debate over seat belts on school buses

  • Traffic Operations and Roadway Design

    Learn more about roadway design treatments, such as roundabouts, "road diets," and red-light cameras

  • Young Drivers

    Information on the high crash rate among young drivers, the success of Graduate Driver Licensing and the important role of parents

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