Bicycle Safety Tips

Tips for Children
Introducing kids to the fun and freedom of riding a bike should go hand in hand with teaching them about bicycles, how to ride them and how to maintain them. Read through these safety tips for young bicyclists ranging from pre-school to high school.
Tips for Adults
Adult cyclists who are using their bicycle in different situations than they previously did - such as switching from occasional short recreational rides to regularly commuting to work - may want to take a short workshop, join a bike club or otherwise get involved with their local bicycling community.
Tips for Seniors
Senior cyclists may be cycling for the first time in many years, so they will need to brush up on current laws and rules that relate to bicyclists and sharing the road.
Tips for Motorists
Motorists should learn to look for cyclists in traffic just as they would check for cars, especially when switching lane position or turning or going through an intersection. Read more on how drivers and cyclists both share a responsibility for safety on the road.