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Directions is a free, quarterly e-newsletter of the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center that highlights the recent research and outreach of the Center. To receive Directions, please sign up to receive email updates.

Fall 2008 | view issue | download as PDF

  • Center to evaluate pedestrian safety guide for neighborhood residents
  • Deer-motor vehicle crashes up in 2007
  • HSRC completes awareness project surrounding teens and distracted driving
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Summer 2008 | view issue | download as PDF

  • HSRC completes best practices for installation of accessible pedestrian signals
  • CSYD evaluates a teen driver cell phone restriction
  • HSRC encourages pedestrian safety through 'Yield to Heels' campaign
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Spring 2008 | view issue | download as PDF

  • HSRC researcher presented with Lifetime Achievement Award
  • HSRC concludes a nearly decade-long research project in Miami-Dade County
  • Highway Safety Research Center fulfills research exchange agreement with Dutch organization
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Winter 2008 | view issue | download as PDF

  • Highway Safety Research Center contributes to international transportation conference
  • Center for the Study of Young Drivers aids in national research and policy development
  • HSRC launches national research program to measure the impact of Safe Routes to School
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Fall 2007 | view issue | download as PDF

  • Deer-motor vehicle crash numbers continue steady growth in NC
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Intersection Safety Indices completed by HSRC
  • HSRC produces updates to national Child Passenger Safety training curriculum
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Summer 2007 | view issue | download as PDF

  • Long-time staff member retires from HSRC
  • HSRC project develops an expert system for speed management
  • Tribal School Zones Toolkit offered as new pedestrian safety resource
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Spring 2007 | view issue | download as PDF

  • North Carolina Child Passenger Safety Law celebrates 25 years
  • Highway Safety Research Center enters into research exchange agreement with Netherlands organization
  • HSRC aims to provide support to older drivers and pedestrians
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Winter 2007 | view issue | download as PDF

  • New Zealand researcher compares highway safety to U.S. statistics
  • Hospitalizations and medical expenses reduced for young drivers in North Carolina's driver licensing system
  • Safety analysis tools upgraded for crash data research
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Fall 2006 | view issue | download as PDF

  • What factors contribute to large truck crashes on NC roads?
  • Evaluating the effects of NC’s teen driver cell phone restriction
  • Web-based resources developed for Safe Routes to School
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Summer 2006 | view issue | download as PDF

  • Harkey steps up as HSRC’s new director
  • HSRC to host Highway Safety Symposium in honor of 40th anniversary
  • Highway Safety Information System receives continued funding
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Spring 2006 | view issue | download as PDF

  • HSRC receives $6 million to encourage safe walking, bicycling for schoolchildren
  • Pedestrian safety guide implemented
  • Motorcycle education program aims to reduce crash rate
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Winter 2006 | view issue | download as PDF

  • New center to address safety of young drivers
  • HSRC research to develop improved crash reduction factors
  • Center researchers contribute to safety guidelines for U.S. states
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Fall 2005 | view issue | download as PDF

  • Deer-motor vehicle crashes in NC reach record high
  • New program aims to develop model for improving mobility and safety among older pedestrians
  • PBIC launches Safe Routes to School online resource
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Summer 2005 | view issue | download as PDF

  • PBIC develops course to foster safer environments surrounding schools
  • Traffic Safety Information Systems in Europe and Australia
  • Acclaimed safety researcher reflects on pioneers in injury field
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Spring 2005 | view issue | download as PDF

  • Exploring accessibility at modern roundabouts
  • HSRC researchers participate in international transportation conference
  • New online tool helps diagnose pedestrian safety issues
  • HSRC, UNC continue quest for on-campus transportation safety
  • HSRC News Briefs

Spring 2002 | download as PDF

  • Cell Phone and Driving: How Dangerous is the Combination?
  • HSRC to Work with New Texas A&M University Safety Center
  • Two Long-Time HSRC Staff Members Retire
  • Building Pedestrian-Friendly Communities
  • HSIS Wins National Traffic Records Award
  • Former HSRC Policy Board Member (Dr. Jeffrey Runge) Becomes Head of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Little Steps Can Lead to Big Changes: International Walk to School Day has nearly 3 million people walking and talking about important community issues

Spring 2001 | download as PDF

  • Graduated driver licensing: is it saving lives?
  • Mapping the road to improved commercial truck safety
  • New study conducts survey of peds & drivers to identify problematic locations
  • Driver's ED for parents: how to be the best coach you can be

Winter 2001 | download as PDF

  • Speeding: Culture on the run
  • On the Web
  • HSRC Research Paving the Way for Bicyclists
  • Emerging Hispanic Community Faces Challenges on NC Roadways
  • Newly Formed School Transportation Group
  • HSRC Publications 2000