UNC Highway Safety Research Center contributes to the establishment of the Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network

CHAPEL HILL (Nov. 26) - A distinguished group of transportation librarians met at the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center (HSRC) in Chapel Hill and via Web conference to establish the Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network (ETKN).

The network was created to pool resources and expertise in the transportation field in order to provide improved, more efficient library and information services to researchers and consumers by developing a cooperative library partnership across multiple organizations.

"This network is going to provide prime opportunities to bring together a number of key organizations in the transportation information arena," said Mary Ellen Tucker, transportation librarian at HSRC and host for the meeting. "This is a great way to increase the resource base for researchers and consumers alike who have interest in transportation documents and information."

Through collaboration and resource sharing, the network aims to reduce each individual organization's library operating costs, deliver new and improved services and tools to benefit the transportation community, and to ensure access to and preservation of transportation information products.

As their first project, the group voted to adopt the creation of a Digital Collaboratory of ETKN documents contributed by member libraries, to be accessible through the National Transportation Library. Goals for the Digital Collaboratory include the creation of more full-text electronic content, especially for in-demand transportation monographs and technical reports through a cooperative, selective digitization program.

The meeting was held November 9, and included representatives from the Transportation Research Board, National Transportation Library of the U.S. Department of Transportation, AASHTO, USDOT Volpe Center, Federal Highway Administration, Virginia Transportation Research Council, Transportation Connectivity Pooled Fund, Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network and Departments of Transportation from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Tennessee and Massachusetts.

For more information about the Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network, visit http://ntl.bts.gov/networking/index.html.

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