NC Traffic Records Coordinating Committee

Shown below is the current list of individuals who make up the formal NC Traffic Records Coordinating Committee. All the agencies included are either the keepers of the data, users of the data, and/or the recorders of the data. In the future, the committee may add members of municipal law enforcement, local Metropolitan Planning Organizations, and local community representatives. A complete list of current members and friends of the committee are shown in a separate section of this web site.

Position Name Area Organization
Committee Co-Chair Brian Mayhew, PE Data User & Manager N.C. DOT - Traffic Engineering & Safety
Committee Co-Chair Eric Rodgman Data User / Research UNC Highway Safety Research Center
  (TBA) State Traffic Records Coordinator Governor's Highway Safety Program
  Ethel Keen Crash, Vehicle & Driver Systems N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles
  Don Nail Data User Governor's Highway Safety Program
  Janet Greene Citation & Adjudication Systems Administrative Office of the Courts
  John Farley GIS N.C. Department of Transportation – GIS Unit
  Maurice DeValle Enforcement – Data Collector, User N.C. State Highway Patrol
  Cameron Taylor Enforcement – Data Collector, User N.C. State Highway Patrol
  Greg Mears, MD PreMIS, NC Trauma Registry N.C. Office of Emergency Medical Services
      Local Law Enforcement Agency
  Mitch Batuzich Traffic Safety Operations Federal Highway Administration
      Metropolitan Planning Organization
      Local Muncipality
  Hardee Cox Highway Performance Management System N.C. Department of Transportation