Members and Friends

Shown below is a list of current members and friends of the committee. This is a broad-based list representing many agencies with interests in traffic records data.

In addition, another committee associated with the NC TRCC is the NC Executive Committee for Highway Safety, composed of executives of the organizations and agencies represented within the NC TRCC. Thus, the Executive Committee is connected to individuals in a variety of agencies who can work to improve traffic records data policies and procedures for the benefit of the entire state. See for information.

NC Traffic Records Coordinating Committee members by group as of November 2010:

Name Agency Phone Number
Brian Mayhew (Co-Chair) NC DOT 715-7818
Eric Rodgman (Co-chair) HSRC 962-8709
NC DOT Contacts
Name Agency Phone Number
Kevin Lacy (Ex-Chair) NC DOT 733-3915
Tony Ku NC DOT 715-3128
John Farley NC DOT GIS 212-6020
Jeff Jaeger NC DOT 733-5678
Mike Blalock NC DOT DMV 508-1904
Terry Hopkins NC DOT DMV 733-5418
Phillip Washington NC DOT 733-8304
NC GHSP Contacts
Name Agency Phone Number
David Weinstein NC GHSP 733-3083
Don Nail NC GHSP 733-3083
Health Area Contacts
Name Agency Phone Number
Sharon Shiro NC Department of Public Health 966-6263
Greg Mears UNC Hospital ED 843-0202
Chad Lohmeier Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) 843-4201
Name Agency Phone Number
Mitch Batuzich FHWA 747-7033
Joe Geigle FHWA 856-4354 (ext 123)
Angela Schmit NHTSA consultant 614-214-4100
NC DOJ AOC Contacts
Name Agency Phone Number
Patrick Tamer NC AOC 733-1557
Wayne Smoak NC AOC 571-4900
Matt Osborne NC AOC 715-5231
Janet Greene NC AOC 755-2150
Paul Cash NC AOC 755-2210
Wanda Thomas NC AOC 755-2545
Leah Bryant NC AOC 755-2505
NC SHP Contacts
Name Agency Phone Number
Cameron Taylor NC SHP 662-4440
Maurice DeValle NC SHP 662-4440
NC ITRE Contacts
Name Agency Phone Number
Greg Ferrara NCSU ITRE 515-8656
Ron Hughes NCSU ITRE 515-8523
UNC HSRC Contacts
Name Agency Phone Number
Bill Hunter HSRC 962-8716
Carol Martell HSRC 962-8713
Forrest Council HSRC 962-0454
Rob Foss HSRC 962-8702
Srini Raghavan HSRC 962-7418