How You Can Help

The safety of our roadways is an issue that touches every person, no matter what mode of transportation they may use. Whether it is safer, more efficient roadways, research of dangerous driving behaviors or research to improve walking and bicycling environments, the UNC Highway Safety Research Center strives to reduce deaths, injuries and societal costs caused by motor vehicles.

Nearly 85 percent of the Center’s funding comes from research grants and contracts. Private donations can help to further research in ways that research funding cannot. Your gift, for example, could support programs to help young drivers, projects to increase the mobility and safety of older persons, or work to reduce drinking and driving.

Through your tax-deductible contribution to the UNC Highway Safety Research Center, you can be assured your gift will be part of the continuing efforts to decrease the 40,000 to 43,000 deaths that occur on U.S. highways every year. That amounts to over 110 fatalities every day. Help make our highways safer with your contribution to the Highway Safety Research Center, and be part of the solution.

Make Your Gift!

To learn more about becoming a contributor, please e-mail Center Director David Harkey at or phone him at (919) 962-8705. Mail can be addressed to David Harkey at the UNC Highway Safety Research Center , 730 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. , C.B. # 3430, Chapel Hill , N.C. 27599-3430 .

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