Spring 2016
HSRC 50th Anniversary

New research identifies curves, investigates how drivers react to them

Negotiating curves – whether traveling along a bend in the road or going up a hill – is one of the more complex maneuvers for a driver. A number of factors may contribute to the level of complexity including presence of other vehicles, lighting conditions, time of day, absence of paved shoulders and roadside conditions.  Read full article ››

HSRC study examines effect of school start times on teen crashes

Most parents will tell you – waking up early is not easy for the typical 16- or 17-year-old. School administrators recognize that, too. Since research has suggested that lack of sleep impairs functioning, some school districts have pushed start times from 7:15 a.m. or earlier to a time more aligned with teen’s biologically-controlled sleep cycle. This has led to improved academic performance and behavior.  Read full article ››

Galax, Va., SRTS program receives national recognition

Communities across the US celebrate the joy of bike-powered trips to school

Welcome Krista Nordback to HSRC’s pedestrian and bicyclist research team

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