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PEDSAFE offers interactive tools, real-world examples to diagnose pedestrian-related issues

Transportation planners and practitioners have a new diagnostic tool to add to their pedestrian safety toolbox. The Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System, or PEDSAFE, enables practitioners to effectively select and review engineering, education and enforcement treatments to either alleviate an identified crash problem or change undesired motorists and/or pedestrian behaviors.

This online, interactive system allows the user to “diagnose” a pedestrian-related issue based on site characteristics, such as geometric features and operating conditions, the type of safety problem, or desired behavioral change. The system then utilizes these characteristics to formulate potential solutions to improve conditions for pedestrians within the public right-of-way. The potential countermeasures are supplemented with over 70 case studies, offering users various real-world solutions implemented around the globe.

Developed by HSRC and funded by the Federal Highway Administration, PEDSAFE is intended primarily for engineers, planners, safety professionals and decision makers, but it may also be used by citizens for identifying problems and recommending solutions for their communities. In addition to the interactive tools, PEDSAFE includes basic pedestrian crash trends and statistics, recommended guidelines for the installation of sidewalks and crosswalks as well as a complete bibliography of guides, handbooks and useful Web sites.

PEDSAFE is available online at http://www.walkinginfo.org/pedsafe. A print version of the guide is also available and includes the system on an enclosed CD-ROM. To order a print version, please visit http://safety.fhwa.dot.gov/ped_bike/ped_bike_order.htm.

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