Raghavan Srinivasan, Ph.D.

Senior Transportation Research Engineer

Dr. Srinivasan has a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Transportation) with a minor in Probability and Statistics, from the University of California at Davis ; and an M.S. in Civil Engineering (Transportation) from the University of Virginia at Charlottesville . His areas of interest include traffic engineering and safety, human factors, and in the application of statistics and econometric methods.

Dr. Srinivasan is currently a Co-PI on NCHRP project 17-25 entitled, Crash Reduction Factors for Traffic Engineering and ITS Improvements. He is the PI on NCHRP project 3-67 entitled, Expert System for Recommending Speed Limits in Speed Zones. He is also involved in developing implementation guides for two emphasis areas (utility poles and work zones) as part of NCHRP project 17-18(3) entitled, Guidance for the Implementation of the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan. Dr. Srinivasan is the PI on a NYSDOT project dealing with work zones crashes. He is also involved in the FHWA funded Highway Safety Information Systems project, and a NIH funded project dealing with visually impaired pedestrians at roundabouts.

Prior to coming to HSRC, Dr. Srinivasan was a faculty in the transportation program at Dowling College on Long Island where he was involved in projects funded by New Jersey DOT and USDOT through Region 2 of UTC. During this period, he worked on projects dealing with the evaluation of graduated driver licensing, driver perception of traffic control devices at railroad grade crossings, and traffic flow and safety in 55 and 65 mph speed limits.

His doctoral work involved a detailed study of the safety and human factors aspects of in-vehicle information systems based on experiments conducted in a driving simulator. This work was funded by CALTRANS and California PATH. In addition, during his graduate work, he worked on projects dealing with risk analysis of elderly drivers (for Virginia DOT), traveler preferences for routing (for FHWA), and human factors of collision warning systems (for NHTSA).

Dr. Srinivasan is actively involved in several TRB committees. He has peer-reviewed papers for journals such as the Transportation Research Record, Journal of Transportation Engineering, Human Factors, and for conferences sponsored by ASCE and ITS America.