Eric A. Rodgman

Senior Database Analyst

Eric A. Rodgman has been employed at the UNC Highway Safety Research Center for thirty-six years. Mr. Rodgman has a Baccalaureate degree in mathematics (from UNC-CH, August 1974) and a master's in Public Health degree from the biostatistics department in research data management (from UNC-CH SPH, May 1986). During his tenure at HSRC, Mr. Rodgman worked on numerous projects using hospital and emergency room medical data, trauma registry data, special population survey data, driver license data, vehicle registration data, roadway segment and location data, and traffic crash data from numerous states across the country. Mr. Rodgman collaborated with different medical doctors/researchers in the traffic safety field. Recent specific examples include a collaboration with the ECU ED and the Pitt County Safe Communities Program evaluating the Pitt County Safe Driving School (with Dr. Herb Garrison), and a short descriptive study of NC farm tractor and farm equipment related crashes in the NC for the NC Agromedicine Institute in Greenville NC.

Mr. Rodgman has many years experience linking and merging various databases both with and without common keys. During his thirty-six years at the UNC Highway Safety Research Center he designed, written, tested, and executed many SAS computer programs which created project study data files, performed data quality control checks, and developed various complex analysis tasks as needed and required by the project research protocols. In addition, Mr. Rodgman designed and created traffic crash report forms along with the complete computerized traffic crash report record systems for the governments of Kuwait (1980) and Surinam (1985) as a private consultant. As a data specialist, computer analyst, and co-researcher on many HSRC research projects, Mr. Rodgman has been recognized as a co-author or a lead author on more than forty-five research papers and project reports.

Mr. Rodgman has been recognized for some of these many efforts over the years having been awarded the Best Scientific Paper as last co-author on two different AAAM papers in 1985 and 1989, respectively. More recently, a paper titled "The Risk of Dying in Alcohol-Related Automobile Crashes among Habitual Drunk Drivers" won the 1995 Charles C. Shepard Award for its authors where the study data file used for analysis was created by Mr. Rodgman. The study consisted of examining fatally injured drivers taken from the NC Medical Examiner data for 1980-1989; these were linked to the appropriate motor vehicle crash reports and further linked to the NC driver history record data for each individual's past driving record. In 1992 in Cologne Germany, HSRC was recognized for its long term research commitment to alcohol and traffic safety research by winning the International Committee on Alcohol, Drugs, and Traffic Safety Award for its continued research service in this field. Mr. Rodgman has been involved with and responsible for many of the alcohol and traffic safety studies completed during the period for which this award was given.

More recently, Mr. Rodgman was been pleased to be involved in the safety efforts sponsored by the North Carolina Governor's Highway Safety Program projects which largely focus on partnering with local traffic safety advocates and law enforcement agencies. This project has been supported by NC GHSP for a number of years. Its' strength is in the way helps local communities and counties to understand their local traffic problems based on actual data from their community. This, in turn, allows the local community to address problems using local services and resources. Programs like Safe Communities, Click It or Ticket, Booze It and Lose It, Child Safety Seat use, and adult seat belt use are more effective when the local community is personally involved.

Mr. Rodgman has been one of the two Co-chairs of the North Carolina Traffic Records Coordinating Committee which brings together the major state data system owners in NC. He is an active runner, basketball and tennis player, a full time NC HS tennis coach at Cedar Ridge HS in Hillsborough NC, a MS Sunday School teacher at Triangle Presbyterian Church in Durham having taught for the last 13 years, a former Red Cross pheresis blood donor (having donated 39+ gallons), father of three active children, a voting citizen in North Carolina, and happily married husband to Ms. Melody Rodgman for the past 28+ years.