Carol Martell

Senior Applications Specialist

Carol joined HSRC in 1989 and is a Senior Applications Specialist for the Center. In her role, Carol oversees data acquisition and integration, research analysis file extraction, and dynamic web applications. With over 30 years of experience programming with SAS, her role as technical advisor is invaluable. In the mid 1990's, she spearheaded the implementation of a center-wide network and began the process of acquiring in-house file and application servers that supply the underlying technologies in use throughout the Center today.

Ms. Martell also loans her efforts and knowledge to a number of outside projects. Chair for the 2009 Conference of the Southeast SAS Users Group (SESUG), she continues to serve as Executive Council member for SESUG. Locally, she is Web master and steering committee officer for the Research Triangle SAS Users Group (RTSUG).

Her main interest outside of work is goldsmithing. Her jewelry pieces are on display in museum shops in the Research Triangle area.