Name Title Phone # Email Address
Daniel L. Carter, M.S.C.E, P.E. Senior Engineering Research Associate 919/962-8720
Forrest M. Council, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist 919/962-0454
Caroline Dickson Senior Manager of Communications, Education and Outreach 919/962-5835
Robert D. Foss, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist and Director, Center for the Study of Young Drivers 919/962-8702
James Gallagher, M.A. Communications Manager, Pedestrian and Bicycling Programs 919/843-7007
Dan Gelinne Program Manager, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center 919/962-8703
Matthew Glassman Technical Support Analyst 919/843-1851
Arthur Goodwin, M.A. Senior Research Associate 919/843-5038
William L. Hall, M.A. Manager, Occupant Protection Program 919/962-8721
David L. Harkey, Ph.D., P.E. Director 919/962-8705
Daniel Harper Contract Specialist 919/843-6773
Stephanie Harrell, M.A. Project Coordinator 919/962-4741
Dianne Harrington Senior Accounting Specialist 919/962-8708
Patty Harrison Communications Coordinator 919/843-4859
Katherine Hill, M.A. Librarian 919/843-6794
Harvey W. Hou Manager, Information Technology Systems 919/962-8704
William W. Hunter, M.C.E. Senior Research Scientist 919/962-8716
Jean Justice Administrative Support 919/962-7803
Bevan Kirley, M.S. Research Associate 919/962-5836
Seth Lajeunesse, M.C.R.P Research Associate and Program Coordinator, National Center for Safe Routes to School 919/962-4236
Bo Lan, Ph.D. Research Associate 919/962-0465
Kristen Langford Research Associate 919/962-2973
Daniel Levitt Research Assistant 919/962-8706
Richard Lytle Web Applications Programmer 919/843-5333
Lauren Marchetti Director, National Center for Safe Routes to School 919/962-7412
Carol A. Martell Senior Applications Specialist 919/962-8713
Paulette McKoy Senior Contracts Specialist 919/962-7413
Jeana Nickerson Business Officer 919/962-1306
Natalie O'Brien, M.S. Research Associate 919/962-2485
Nancy Pullen-Seufert, M.P.H. Senior Research Associate and Associate Director, National Center for Safe Routes to School 919/962-7419
Eric A. Rodgman Senior Database Analyst 919/962-8709
Graham Russell Graphic Designer 919/962-0167
Laura Sandt, M.R.P. Senior Research Associate and Associate Director, Pedestrian & Bicycle Information Center 919/962-2358
Sarah Smith Engineering Research Associate 919/9664577
Raghavan Srinivasan, Ph.D. Senior Transportation Research Engineer 919/962-7418
Carl Sundstrom, M.S.C.E., P.E. Senior Research Associate 919/843-4963
Donna Suttles Research Assistant 919/962-2207
Libby Thomas, M.S. Research Associate 919/962-7802
Linette Tyson Human Resources Manager and Executive Administrative Assistant 919/962-7410
Colleen Vasu Communications Coordinator, National Center for Safe Routes to School 919/962-7769
Jonathon Weisenfeld Design Services Manager 919/843-1936
Carolyn Williams, M.B.A. Senior Applications Specialist 919/962-8707
Charles V. Zegeer, M.S.C.E., P.E. Associate Director for Engineering and Planning and Director, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center 919/962-7801