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What is this site about?

In the fall of '97 and '99, 4,381 UNC students blew into a breathalyzer as part of a campus survey. This web site is about some of the things you showed us about drinking at UNC.

It turns out that the common belief that students are more interested, or involved, in drinking than other things is simply wrong...a demeaning image created by advertisers, TV shows that glorify excess, and careless news reports that focus on extremes rather than more complex reality.

Perhaps the single most interesting finding was this:

Whether it's Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, 2 out of 3 UNC students return home with a .00 BAC.

We want students to understand this simple fact and to know where it came from. So we're offering a little cash to students to encourage them to remember this simple tidbit, which speaks loudly about students' actual drinking behavior.

Check out the cash giveaway section; see pictures of recently enriched winners.

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Blood Alcohol Concentration or BAC refers to the amount of alcohol in a person's blood.

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